Crossroads partnered with ChildFund International 11/9/2013

Crossroads will be working on 3 projects with ChildFund International:

Project 1 Youth Employment Initiative- we will enroll 50 youth (ages 16 to 25) in a youth employment initiative. This program will prepare youth for the workforce by increasing employability skills, work ethics, life skills, personal finance and leadership skills. We are required to get 29 youth employed, but we will exceed this minimum requirement.

Project 2 Youth Leadership Council- we will service 2000 youth in the Rio Grande Valley. Crossroads will set up youth leadership council chapters in communities where economically disadvantage youth live. Youth will have ongoing leadership and life skills training. These chapters will consist of youth leaders who will identify problems in their communities and develop solutions to solve the problem. Youth will learn many skills and improve their communities.

Project 3 Youth Civic Engagement- this past week we worked with ChildFund and several other partners to develop a model for youth civic engagement. Crossroads will continue to work with CFI to create the perfect model, beta test it here in the Valley and then initiate the model throughout the world where CFI service youth.

Crossroads has been blessed in not only having the privilege of servicing youth in the Rio Grande Valley, but will have a greater impact on youth across the world.


Crossroads Leadership Academy, a 501c3 non-profit, is a leadership program for young men and women ages 13 through 25 years old. Is to provide youth opportunities of a brighter future through the development of character and leadership skills. CLA firmly believes that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Youth that live in poverty do not have the same availability of opportunities as youth in middle and upper class families. CLA provides the following intensive services:

  •     Leadership Development
  •     Character Development
  •     Career Exploration
  •     Instill the Value of College Education
  •     Community Service
  •     Life Skills
  •     Mentoring

Mission Statement

CLA is dedicated in creating an environment that inspires youth ages 13-25 who live in South Texas to discover their exceptional leadership potential and to become leaders in their community.